2016 January | Spin Creative
5 Tips to Ensure Email Marketing Success
Jan 2016 20

We’ve all been there: you open your email and are immediately flooded with all sorts of messages you don’t want to read. As you scroll through and delete most of them without even opening, a thought crosses your mind: does email marketing actually work? The answer is yes—when done correctly. Follow these five tips to ensure your email marketing is successful, and not more Spam folder filler.

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Just Say NO to ‘Bad Ads’: 5 Tips for Video Advertising Success
Jan 2016 13

With all of the ingenuity and innovation surrounding advertising today, it’s amazing just how many ‘bad ads’ continue to get created (and promoted!) in today’s culture. To ensure your advertising campaign doesn’t fall flat, follow these 5 tips for video advertising success.

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Story In Motion: A Beginner’s Guide to Brand Storytelling Part II
Jan 2016 07

In this digital age, advertising your brand’s story requires multi-faceted strategy to win over consumers. Follow these tips to help ensure that your brand’s story continues to shine in Part II of our Story In Motion series.

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