2015 December | Spin Creative
How We Spin: 3 Reasons 2015 Was Our Best Year To-Date
Dec 2015 31

From award-winning video and creative campaigns to successful brand launches to an overall expansion of Spin Creative’s services, it’s been one heck of a year. As 2015 winds down, we take a look back at some of the amazing highlights from this year that will continue to propel us into the New Year!

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Q&A with Josephine Lowry, Account Supervisor & Senior Project Manager
Dec 2015 23

Senior Project Manager & Account Supervisor Josephine Lowry loves color-coded spreadsheets, designing food art, and creative collaboration.

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Q & A with Associate Creative Director Peter Edlund
Dec 2015 16

Spin Creative’s Peter Edlund is a backpack-toting, green tea-drinking Washingtonian with a passion for film and visual media. Discover the man behind the camera.

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Story in Motion: A Beginner’s Guide to Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age
Dec 2015 09

Many companies continue to struggle with the development of their brand among consumers. By following these three steps, you can launch the process of becoming a successful storyteller for your company’s brand.

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4 Ways to Ignite Your Clients’ Brand Strategy this Holiday Season
Dec 2015 04

Separating your client’s company from the holiday chaos can make even the most talented marketers mutter bah humbug. Check these 4 strategies off of your brand strategy to-do list for tidings of great joy.

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