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How Your Brand Story Can Create More Loyal Customers   
Oct 2015 27

A great story is incredibly powerful, whether it’s in the form of a novel, a movie or an advertisement. By developing an excellent story and narrative for your brand, you’ll find you are more likely to create loyal “fans” of your company who want to share your story with others.

Your story is what separates you from the rest of your competitors. There are probably plenty of other companies that do exactly what you do, but it’s your story that really makes you unique. Having the right company story can connect you with your customers in an even stronger way than just offering quality products or service.

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4 Steps to Using Your Employees in Your Marketing Videos
Oct 2015 23

We can hear your objections already.

“I distribute widgets/offer tent rentals/manufacture trampolines, not operate a professional acting school! Why would I ever use my employees in my promotional videos?”

Hear us out. Your experience tells you that the people who work with your product every day are in many ways the very best people to sell it. In the same way, your employees can represent your brand on video in a more authentic way than most professional actors ever could.

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Four Tips for Making More Conversational Marketing Videos
Oct 2015 20

What videos do you tend to click? What keeps you watching? Like most of us, you probably prefer video content that connects with you on a personal level, rather than videos that sound like dry marketing briefs.

So why do so many of us make boring talking head videos? At Spin, we know that making videos that seem natural and conversational is much easier said than done. Here are four strategies we recommend:

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Do’s and Don’ts for Video Marketing
Oct 2015 15

We’ve spent a lot of time over the years being exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly in video marketing. Whether you’re an experienced video marketer or just getting started, these do’s and don’ts are good reminders for everyone.

Do…Invest in SEO

Video can propel your content to the top of search pages – if you do it correctly. It’s not enough to simply embed a YouTube video on the home page of your website. Pay attention to your video title, tags and description, and invest in a video hosting service.

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8 Strategies for Successful Twitter Video Marketing
Oct 2015 13

Embedded videos have been around for years on Twitter. But Twitter video really took off when Twitter made upgrades this year. Now, users can record, edit and share video for Twitter – all without leaving the app.

Twitter is under pressure to grow and other social media giants are stepping up their game when it comes to video. We predict Twitter will place even more focus on this area in the coming months. Have you revisited your Twitter video strategy lately?

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