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Tips for Making Relevant Videos
Sep 2015 29

If you post a video online and no one watches, does your brand benefit?

Obviously, the answer is no. But with 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s a big task to get your videos noticed.

Here are three tips for producing online video content that your target audience will find, watch and share – now and in the future.

Use the right words.
Obviously you need compelling content, but the best brand video on the web can’t make an impact if no one finds it.

More than half of Google search results include video, and titles are one of the most helpful ways to push your video to the top of results. But avoid the temptation to stuff your title with a bunch of meaningless keywords – your headline has to be interesting enough to encourage your target audience to watch.

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Spin’s Peter Edlund Gets Short Film Selected as “Staff Pick” on Vimeo
Sep 2015 23

We’re excited to share that Spin Creative’s Associate Creative Director Peter Edlund wrote and directed a short film “The New West” that was selected this week for a “Staff Pick” on Vimeo. Congrats to Peter and the team who worked on the film. The film was produced by Megan Leonard.

The New West Short Film Written and Directed by Peter Edlund

Scene from the short film “The New West” written and directed by Peter Edlund.

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How to Use Google’s Brand Lift Surveys in Your Video Marketing Campaign
Sep 2015 22

You’ve produced a great new video marketing campaign and you’re ready to launch. But are you sure it’s going to be effective?

The fact is that it’s hard to know for sure until your campaign is out in the wild. In the traditional world of advertising, you often do not get results from your campaigns until weeks after they launch—or sometimes even after they end. However, in today’s world of online and mobile advertising, immediate feedback is possible, allowing you to make productive adjustments to your campaigns as you move along.

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Instagram Debuts 30-Second Video Ad Format
Sep 2015 17

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Instagram’s increasing dominance in mobile advertising. Ever since the platform made its full-on entry into the ad business, it has come out with some interesting features, including carousel ads that users can “swipe” and call to action buttons.

In its latest round of new features, Instagram debuted a 30-second video ad format—doubling its former 15-second limit. Plus, marketers now have an option to use landscape video format, removing the limitations that the square format imposed.

Obviously, if you are used to creating spots for television, these new parameters present fantastic opportunities. But even smaller-scale marketers can benefit. Ads from sponsored Instagram posts have a 2.8-times higher recall rate from consumers than other methods of online advertising. And Instagram also asserts that 97 percent of measured campaigns have generated significant lifts in ad recall.

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Why Video Marketing is Good for Online Businesses
Sep 2015 15

Your business is online. Your customers are online. So why are so many small businesses ignoring online video marketing?

There are pervasive myths that prevent many small businesses from jumping into the online video marketing game. Spin’s here to put some of those rumors to bed.

Myth #1: My target customers don’t watch online videos.

We say it constantly: content is king in the online advertising space. Develop relevant content for your target audience and you can connect with almost any demographic via video.

Worldwide, people are watching more online video than ever before. According to eMarketer, U.S. adults will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching video each day this year. Time spent watching video on mobile devices averages 39 minutes per day – a jump from 30 minutes per day in 2014.

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