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Does GoPro Know the Magic Formula for Video Marketing Success?
Jul 2015 30

Video is quickly becoming the ruler of the online universe. And in the realm of video, GoPro is a rising star.

As a company that manufacturers video cameras, GoPro was a natural early adopter for online video marketing. But GoPro cameras aren’t your standard recorders. They are extremely powerful and made for capturing unique, user-generated content – whether it’s filming a solo rock climb or riding on the back of a bicycle during the Tour de France.

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Facebook Now Lets You Buy Products Directly from Retailers’ Profiles
Jul 2015 28

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Facebook’s new “Buy” button for retail pages. The feature is still in testing phase with a limited number of companies, but it’s never too soon to think about implications for your company and brand.

How will Facebook’s Buy button work?

On mobile devices, you will see a new “shopping” section on a company’s page. On your desktop browser, the shopping section will be a new separate tab. Like traditional e-commerce sites, companies will use photos to showcase products.

The biggest change with the Buy button is a more seamless integration with Facebook. Rather than being redirected to a merchant’s site, the Buy button lets you complete your entire purchase within Facebook. Customers can keep their credit card on file with Facebook or choose to do one-time checkouts, similar to traditional online retail sites.

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The 4 Most Important Questions To Ask About Your Brand Image
Jul 2015 23

Whether your business deals mostly in one-time transactions or relies on deep, long-term relationships, your customers need to trust you.

You already know there’s no magic bullet for strengthening your brand image. But if you’re willing to put in the hard work to develop a brand that is built on a foundation of trust, get ready to reap the rewards for many years to come.

Is your bland slipping, weak, or in need of some extra oomph? Maybe it’s time for a gut check.

Conduct an audit of your brand trust level with these quick questions:

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How to Account for Audience Distraction in Video Marketing
Jul 2015 21

The way we watch TV has changed. Maybe you’re even reading this post while a television commercial plays in the background.

Unfortunately, even though our behaviors have evolved, TV and commercial ratings are stuck in the past. Think about it – TV rating systems were developed in a time without smart phones, laptops and tablets. Families gathered together to watch favorite shows after dinner, rather than relying on DVR or separate screens.

Today, distractions are everywhere. Metrics that only measure the “opportunity to see” – not if the viewer is actually paying attention – are doing advertisers a disservice.

Recent research from AOL and Nielsen paints a grim picture about multi-tasking viewers:

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Major Advertisers Spending Smarter on Marketing Efforts
Jul 2015 16

If you’re in marketing, Ad Age’s annual 200 Leading National Advertisers (LNA) report is a must-read.

Here’s a quick preview before Ad Age’s own summary in their July 13th print edition.

Overall advertising spending is up, but the growth rate has slowed.

In 2014, total US ad spending for the top 200 advertisers reached a record $127.8 billion. However, the growth rate from 2013 was the lowest it’s been since the ad market recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. Spending grew just 2 percent in 2014, compared to a 4.4 percent increase the year before.

But that doesn’t mean the marketing teams at large companies are pulling back their efforts. Rather, they’re spending smarter by focusing more on digital strategy and being more strategic with their agency relationships.

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