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Twitter Advertisements Coming to Users’ Profiles
Mar 2015 31

There have been plenty of advertising options on Twitter for quite a while, but now the social network is rolling out a new advertising plan that will make the advertisements pretty obvious right in the middle of users’ profiles.

The company has already started to roll out promoted tweets on profile pages in some test groups. Those people who happen to be included in one of the test groups will see the advertisements a few tweets down on their profile in a section marked as “Suggested by Twitter.”

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Facebook Debuts Ambitious Plan to Become Internet’s Video Leader
Mar 2015 26

We’ve shared some information in the past about the rise of video content on Facebook and how video has become a powerful tool for advertisers on the world’s largest social network. Now, after a presentation at Facebook’s F8 conference this past week, people have a better idea of what to expect out of Facebook Video within the next year and beyond, including a variety of new tools and other shakeups.

At the conference, there were some impressive statistics that were shared regarding Facebook Video. According to Facebook, it receives upwards of three billion video views per day, 65 percent of which comes from mobile devices, and 53 percent of the traffic comes from people sharing video links on their own news feeds.

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Simple Steps to Find Startup Success
Mar 2015 24

If you’re the owner of a young startup company, you’ve probably heard the statistics many times before: more than half of all startups fail within their first year or two. But while there are plenty of challenges for owners of new companies, there are definitely ways that entrepreneurs can increase the likelihood of success early on.

Here are a few simple steps that could help you to find success with your startup:

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Using Music Effectively In Your Video Marketing   
Mar 2015 19

While the images you see on the screen in any advertisement are extremely important, the kind of music used can really make or break the ad. One of the things that people most often remember from advertisements is the music you used. This can be extremely powerful — when you choose the right music, people could even start connecting that song to your company whenever they hear it.

So what affects the kind of music that you decide to use for a video marketing campaign? Here are a few factors:

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Dealing With Internet Trolls On Your Social Media
Mar 2015 17

For the most part, you’ll find that social media marketing is a great experience. You have the ability to connect on a much closer level with your customers, figure out exactly what they think about your brand and respond directly to their compliments and concerns.

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