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The Best Times to Publish YouTube Videos
Feb 2015 25

Creating your video is just the first step of your video marketing campaign. Once you’ve got a video that you’re proud of, it’s time to publish. And you might be surprised to learn that when you publish can have just as big of an impact on your campaign’s success as what you publish.

So when are the best times to publish videos on YouTube?

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YouTube to Release New App Geared Toward Kids
Feb 2015 19

In another sign of how the internet continues to evolve, YouTube introduced a brand new app specifically geared toward kids on February 23rd. The app is called YouTube Kids, and it is available on smartphones and tablets.

Google had hinted toward the creation of some sort of child-friendly service this past fall. At the time, USA Today reported that Google was going to have child-friendly versions of some of its services to make the internet a safer place to use for children. However, no specifics were clear until the recent announcement of this all-new app.

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Feb 2015 15

Spin Creative produced this collection of digital spots and Vine videos for a digital marketing campaign for Microsoft Learning, used to build awareness of Microsoft Learning products and programs.

The campaign targeted three core audiences (IT Professionals, Developers and Students) to elevate their perception of Microsoft, and Microsoft Learning in particular, as a source for tools and training that will help them succeed in their career.

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Creating Stronger Business Relationships Online   
Feb 2015 13

In today’s business world, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to market yourself well on social media and other online platforms. However, the essence of marketing remains the ability to form meaningful relationships with your customers. Creating a strong business relationship in turn creates more opportunities to generate sales and other business opportunities.

But how do you create these types of relationships online, without being able to use normal face-to-face tactics?

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Tips to Increase Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing
Feb 2015 11

In an era where more and more customers are quick to delete emails from companies before they’re even opened, finding success in an email marketing campaign can be challenging. However, there are still strategies that will go a long way toward increasing your click-through rates once your messages actually get read.

Here are a few ways that you can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing:

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