2014 December | Spin Creative
Looking Back at Digital Marketing in 2014
Dec 2014 15

In January, we published a blog post called “Why Digital Video Marketing will Grow in Importance in 2014.” At the time, we were coming off a year in 2013 that had seen some of the biggest leaps and bounds in video marketing popularity and effectiveness and some tremendous new innovation in video marketing.

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Spin Creative Earns Two 2014 Aurora Awards
Dec 2014 04

We at Spin Creative are honored to have been named the winners of two 2014 Aurora Awards!

The Aurora Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence in the video and film industries. Created in 1996, it allows for a large variety of producers to compete in the same competition. All films are judged by the same criteria by judges from all over the United States who are working professionals within the industry. The awards typically review independent commercials and programs that do not receive the same level of national attention that many other advertisements and videos do.

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