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Tips for Creating Videos for Crowdfunding Projects
Aug 2014 26

One of the best ways you can improve your chances of success with your crowdfunding campaign is to use video to sell potential donors on your campaign’s importance. Kickstarter tells everyone who signs up for a campaign that including a video can improve your chances of success by 50%, so it only makes sense that you create a video that will better your prospects.

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Twitter Testing Promoted Video Option for Advertisers
Aug 2014 13

Twitter recently announced that it will be testing the beta mode of its promoted video feature, a brand new option for advertisers that allows them to easily upload videos and track engagement from users. This joins the promoted tweet option already available to advertisers on the social network.

The amount of companies using video marketing as a major part of their advertising strategy is rapidly growing, with US digital video ad spending steadily increasing over the last few years and predicted to keep increasing for the near future. Advertisers have been willing to fork out more money each year for video advertising space, and it’s clear that Twitter has realized this to ad the feature to its existing marketing options.

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13 Statistics that Show the Importance of Video Marketing
Aug 2014 04

Video marketing is a rapidly expanding platform that businesses of all size are taking advantage of. In fact, almost all of the most successful viral advertisements are now seen in digital formats.

There are many ways that we can demonstrate the importance of a robust video marketing campaign for your company, but here are some statistics based on various research from across the internet that should show you just how important it is to get on board and develop videos for your brand:

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