2014 July | Spin Creative
Facebook’s Newsfeed Video Ad Prices are Going Up
Jul 2014 28

It’s no secret that video advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more popular for companies looking to expand their marketing reach, especially with the recent change in Facebook’s video metrics. Well, now the recent news is that the price of an ad on Facebook’s news feed more than doubled in the last quarter. That’s a huge surge that reflects the rapidly growing interest in video marketing.

The biggest reason for this is the rise in mobile browsing. An ever-increasing percentage of people are primarily using mobile devices to browse the internet and access their social media accounts.

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Getting Your Followers Involved in Your Content Marketing Plan
Jul 2014 21

Your video marketing campaign is just one facet of your brand’s overarching content marketing strategy. Like any other piece of that strategy, you need to be able to get your followers involved to more effectively spread your content (and brand recognition) across the web.

But how exactly can you go about inviting your followers to get involved? Here are some ideas:

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3 Easy Ways to Insert Calls to Action In Your Videos
Jul 2014 14

Any time you engage in any form of content marketing, your end goal is to bring more people to your website and drive more sales. Of course, people are much more likely to do this if you simply ask them directly. This is called a call to action, and it’s normally placed at the end of your content.

In video marketing, there are specific ways that you can include call to actions to make sure they reach their peak effectiveness. Here are some ideas.

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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch
Jul 2014 07

New research indicates that marketing is becoming more digital than ever before. In fact, over the next five years there is a general consensus that digital marketing will account for more than 75% of marketing budgets. That’s incredible!

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