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Changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed Could Impact Video Marketing
Jun 2014 30

Facebook remains the world’s most-used social network and an important hub for viral marketing. Recently, the company announced changes to its newsfeed that could set the stage for more success for companies attempting to use the site for video marketing.

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The Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes
Jun 2014 22

On our blog we have dedicated a fair amount of posts to tips that can help you to improve your video marketing practices. However, it’s important to note that there are a variety of practices that you need to do your best to avoid as well.

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How to Use YouTube Analytics to Track Video Marketing Success
Jun 2014 18

Once you have developed your video marketing strategy and have created some videos to display on your YouTube (which you’ll share on other platforms), it becomes important to know how to track the success of those videos. Luckily, YouTube has a built-in feature called YouTube Analytics that allows you to easily track the performance of your video right from within YouTube. It’s an extremely user-friendly tool that is absolutely necessary to finding success with your video marketing.

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World Cup Advertisements Show Power of Marketing with Cultural Phenomena
Jun 2014 16

Over the last several weeks, World Cup-related advertisements have increasingly ramped up as the big international tournament grew closer and closer. Now that World Cup 2014 is underway, these advertisements are almost inescapable. However, that doesn’t mean that the market for them is saturated; people clearly are enjoying these ads, as World Cup-themed ads have tallied up more than 1.2 billion minutes worth of views from soccer fans on YouTube alone.

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Tips for Taking Your Video Ads Mobile
Jun 2014 12

Mobile video ad spending has skyrocketed within the last several years as the percentage of people using mobile devices for their internet browsing grows greater and greater. So how can you take advantage of this new frontier of video marketing?

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