2013 December | Spin Creative
Three Key Tips For Facebook Video Ads
Dec 2013 30

Over the past couple months, Facebook has gradually introduced to its users a brand new video feature that automatically plays any videos that show up in a user’s newsfeed. As a person scrolls down, he or she will see the video begin to play silently, which is meant to draw user’s attention to the video. Facebook designed the new feature in this way is to be less intrusive to the user experience.

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Five Ways To Improve Your Digital Video Marketing
Dec 2013 26

The first step to any successful digital video campaign is creating engaging videos. However, you could have the greatest content possible in your video but have it be all for nothing if you are unable to reach your target audience with that video. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have a solid understanding of how you can market and spread your digital video ads across the internet.

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Six Key Questions for Creating Engaging Commercials
Dec 2013 19

As you go about creating your next television or digital commercial, it is important to make sure that the contents of the advertisement can attract and keep the interest of your potential customers. What you specifically choose to put in your commercial and how you create it depends on your target demographic and how you want to brand your business.

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Spin Creates Eye-Catching MyQ Garage Retail Marketing Videos
Dec 2013 13

Spin Creative produced these two retail marketing videos (one overview and one installation) for ad agency Purdie Rogers and client Chamberlain.

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