2013 January | Spin Creative
Spin Creative Office Update – New iDivide Modern Office Partition Walls
Jan 2013 23

We continue to dial in our office at Spin Creative with the goal of making it inviting, stylish and functional. The latest addition to our creative workspace is a modular, modern office partition wall system, called iDivide. We’ve added iDivide walls to our producers’ workroom area. The iDivide walls are sleek looking using a frosted plexiglass material, and add both privacy and style. So far we’re loving the system, super simple to set up and a great resource for creating almost instant workstation spaces for team members.

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Client Testimonial from Row 44, Inc. for Spin Creative Time-Lapse Marketing Video Project
Jan 2013 17

“We came to Spin Creative with a highly complicated video request… on a nearly impossible deadline. But somehow this group of geniuses — there’s no other word for them — managed to pull it off, brilliantly, under the deadline. We could not be happier with the finished product — a fantastic time-lapse video of a multiple-day installation of our WiFi service on a Southwest Airlines plane — and it has proven to be perhaps the single most effective marketing tool we’ve ever developed….”

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Interview-Based Storytelling Workflow for Video Production Projects, TV Commercials & Marketing Videos
Jan 2013 16

Spin Creative practices a recommended creative and content development workflow for producing TV commercials and marketing videos that involve on-camera interviews as the primary storytelling device. It’s our recommendation and based on our experience, that a script per se isn’t needed typically prior to a shoot…

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“Choosing the Right Video Production Company” – Spin Creative’s Matthew Billings Writes Article for Media Inc Magazine
Jan 2013 15

Spin Creative’s Matthew Billings is a guest columnist for the article “Choosing the Right Video Production Company” in the December 2012 issue of Media Inc Magazine, a leading source for northwest production news and information. You can read the article on Media Inc’s website or read the article in its entirety below.

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Jan 2013 10

Spin produced this series of science education profile videos for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The videos feature team members at the Hutchinson Center speaking about the powerful influence of science in their lives and its overall importance in education and society at large.

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