2012 December | Spin Creative
Client & Director: The Two Amigos – Part IIII
Dec 2012 21

This is the last of our four-part discussion on the importance of the client/director relationship (read part I, part II and part III). So far we have discussed how crucial this partnership is to the success of a video project and the importance of pre-shoot coordination and preparation.

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Client & Director: The Two Amigos – Part III
Dec 2012 12

In part II of “Client & Director: The Two Amigos,” we looked at the role and responsibilities of the director (read part I of “Client & Director: The Two Amigos”). We now turn to the day of the shoot. Good preparation makes for a smooth day of production. Here’s how to insure that happens.

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Dec 2012 09

Here is Spin Creative’s Director’s Cut for the Fluke product launch spot “Just Another Day on the Job.” Spin Creative was brought in by ad agency Hodgson/Meyers to produce the spot, based on creative and storyboards developed by the Hodgson/Meyer’s team.

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Client & Director: The Two Amigos – Part II
Dec 2012 06

In part I of “Client & Director: The Two Amigos,” we talked about the importance of the relationship between the client(s) and the director. We also attempted to identify and define clients and their role. In part II, we discuss directors and explain what they do.

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Dec 2012 04

Here’s another behind-the-scenes look at the 3-day shoot for the Sea-Tac Airport “Going Green” spot recently produced by Spin Creative (you can view the first behind-the-scenes video here). This behind-the-scenes segment features the Spin team shooting at Sea-Tac Airport and tarmac. Port of Seattle and Alaska Airlines coordinated with the Spin team to capture visually interesting shots to tell the story.

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