2010 November | Spin Creative

Nov 2010 15

Spin created and produced a series of “hidden camera” viral videos about Microsoft Certification, titled “IT Job Interview Gone Wrong.” The concept was to create buzz-worthy videos that show the exaggerated incompetence of IT candidates (non certified) going through a job interview with an IT hiring manager.

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Late Night @ Rome Coliseum for Microsoft Project
Nov 2010 02

So I (Matthew Billings) arrived late into Rome for a Microsoft project that I was shooting. We grabbed an amazing dinner in front of the Pantheon then ventured out to see Rome at night. Wow. Amazing. Stumbling upon the Coliseum at night was pretty awesome, despite being wary from the trip. Spent two days in Rome and got to compare night with day sights. Seeing the ruins in 70 degree sunny weather is nice too, especially in early November. Can’t wait to go back when I’m not working.