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13 Statistics that Show the Importance of Video Marketing
Aug 2014 04

Video marketing is a rapidly expanding platform that businesses of all size are taking advantage of. In fact, almost all of the most successful viral advertisements are now seen in digital formats.

There are many ways that we can demonstrate the importance of a robust video marketing campaign for your company, but here are some statistics based on various research from across the internet that should show you just how important it is to get on board and develop videos for your brand:

  1. YouTube currently sits as the 2nd most used search engine behind its parent company, Google
  2. YouTube currently ranks 1st in terms of use for all social networks, having recently surpassed Facebook
  3. The average internet user views 32.2 videos online every month
  4. Every day, more than 100 million users on the internet will view at least one video
  5. 50% of all internet users will watch a business-related video on YouTube at a frequency of at least once per week
  6. 75% of all internet users will visit the marketer’s website after they view a video for that company
  7. The average user spends about 16 minutes 49 seconds watching online advertisements every month
  8. People who view a company’s video online are 64% more likely to purchase a product from that company’s online retail site
  9. Click through rates to websites increase by 2 to 3 times when marketers include a video advertisement in an email
  10. 80% of your online visitors will choose to watch a video you have posted, while only about 20% will actually read all of the content you have on your website.
  11. 90% of all users say that watching a product video is extremely helpful as they decide whether or not to purchase that product
  12. After they have viewed a video ad for a product online, 12% of viewers will purchase that product
  13. Your website is approximately 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of a Google search if it includes video content


Were any of these statistics surprising to you? Every single one of them shows the major importance of having a video marketing campaign for your company, whether your business is large or small. Contact us today at Spin Creative for more information about how you can get started with your Story in Motion.

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